About Us


Nexgen Biopharma Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geoffery Allan Holdings Inc. In early, 2015, Nexgen Biopharma Limited successfully acquired the premium nutritional and aesthetics brands and devices from Labdom. Labdom was into research and development of revolutionary technologies for biomolecular therapies in Switzerland & Europe and produced a diverse array of products for international brands.

With more than four established brands focused on health and wellness, our portfolio of products range from food and cosmeceutical to devices.


  • Performance Driven
  • Accountable
  • Service Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Innovative
  • Integrity
  • Transparent


We aspire to be a global leader in biomolecular and biomedical based products, devices and treatments for aesthetic benefits.


We are committed in researching and developing innovative lives enriching products. We listen and strive hard in delivering exceptional services to our clients. We further recognize our employee’s contributions and pursue a profitable, fair and reasonable returns to our shareholders.


The 4 rounded petals white flower

This flower is known as Alpine rockcress (scientific name Arabis Alpina) found in Europe. The white flowers represent where our products mostly originate.

The 5 gray and 1 red petals flower – Hepatica

Hepatica is named from its leaves , like the human liver. Paracelsus developed the concept , writing that Nature marks each growth according to its curative benefits.
Hepatica was once used as a medicinal herb . The top red petals represent our vision of being a Global Leader in biomolecular and biomedical based products, devices and treatment for aesthetic benefits.

The cell nucleus

Lastly, the circular round shape of the entire logo resembles a cell nucleus which is synonymous with our belief in cell therapy.